Friday Friends

#FridayFriends: Built in the Broken

Today’s blog is written by my beloved mentor, Amy Harris. Amy was one of the first women I was drawn to when my family moved back to Birmingham two years ago, and I am so thankful for how she has poured into my life. I pray her testimony of daily obedience and God’s faithfulness, even in brokenness, would encourage you as it has me.

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Friday Friends

#FridayFriends: Scripture Memorization

Today’s blog post was written by my younger sister, Myrissa Webb. Myrissa is a senior at Auburn University studying hospitality management.

I grew up learning a lot of various Bible verses at church. I still remember a lot of those verses because I spent so much time reading them and practicing them. They are hidden in my heart. However, I rarely put them to use in my life and allowed these verses to dwell in me. It was not until I came to college that I was challenged by my college pastor to memorize chapters and books of the Bible, not just single verses from all over the Bible. This seemed daunting to me, but I took his tips and started memorizing Ephesians 1. Here are three ways that this kind of memorization has resulted in the Word of God dwelling in my life.

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Friday Friends

#FridayFriends — I’ve Wasted 30 Years of My Life

Today’s blog post was written by my dear friend Tara McAdam. Tara is a wife, mother of two, teacher, and photographer. All of our family photos have been taken by Tara, so check out her photography on her Facebook page and website. I have been so encouraged by her friendship the last six years, and I pray her testimony of the power of God’s word would encourage you today.

I have wasted thirty years of my life not knowing who God is. I became a believer of Jesus Christ at twelve years old and rededicated my life at age twenty. From twenty years old to thirty years old, I tried countless methods of trying to know who God is. I would listen to solid Christian podcasts, read best-selling Christian books, listen to recorded sermons, soak up teachings from my pastor, and be super involved in the latest bible study. All of those things are good things, but none of those things could be my first source of knowing who God is.

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