#ThursdayThings – My Toddler’s Favorite Board Books

It brings joy to my heart that my daughter is a reader! She will seriously sit by her bookshelf for half an hour quietly turning the pages in books—letting out “roars” as she sees lions and “booms” for lightning.

Every morning, I let her pick out books to read on my lap until she’s had her fill. These three books or series are some of her self-chosen favorites (and some of mine, too!). I secretly get excited when she chooses one of these instead of Hop on Pop to read for the millionth time.

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#ThursdayThings — Podcasts I listen to every week

Folding laundry. Driving down the road. Cooking dinner. You better believe I have a podcast playing.

I follow a lot of podcasts, and sometimes I don’t even have time to listen to them all as they release each week. In fact, while most podcasts are on a summer break, I’ve been catching up on missed episodes from my less frequented shows.

But here are three podcasts I never miss. They hit the top of my queue when they release, and there is one literally waiting for me to press play as soon as I wrap up this blog post. Here they are: the podcasts I listen to every week.

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#ThursdayThings — Bible Study Tools

I had it all: the bright pink and green study Bible, the latest new daily devo book, a flowery journal prompt, the denominational magazine, and several Christian books. That’s what stayed on my nightstand throughout my teenage years. I’ve always been a studious one, loving to read all the resources (hence this series), especially when it came to the Bible. But up until my college years, my time study God’s Word lacked one crucial element—actually reading God’s Word.

Of course I completed my yearly reading plan, but I never spent much time actually studying God’s Word. I would study what my study Bible said about the passage, or I would read what an author thought about Scripture. I spent plenty of time reading devotionals and magazine articles, but never much time reading and studying the Bible itself.

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#ThursdayThings — My Favorite Toddler Resources

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was excited to become a mother, but I was also terrified. My husband and I would be responsible for the discipleship of our daughter! While only God can change hearts, it is His will that parents should spiritually lead and nurture their children. What a high calling!

One truth that helped relieve my anxiety was the truth that discipleship is not complicated. While my Type A personality likes a plan, discipleship in the home is not about a 14-step Bible curriculum. It is about incorporating the Gospel into the everyday rhythms of the home. Jesus did not spend His three years of ministry at a desk writing a grand plan; He ate, walked, and lived with his disciples. And in that eating, walking, and living, He showed them who God is.

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#ThursdayThings — Prayer Tools I Use

Prayer is such an integral part of the Christian life, so it should come to us naturally, right? While it is true that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray, sometimes prayer is hard. Our minds wander. We don’t know where to start. We push it down on our priority list, forsaking the immediately urgent over the eternally important.

Martin Luther said, “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” For many of us, we wouldn’t know what to do with three hours of prayer! What do we pray for? How do we pray? What words do we use? I believe that to have truly effective prayer times, we must be strategic. We must learn from Christ how we ought to pray, and we must be intentional with every minute we have on our knees before Him.  

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#ThursdayThings — Podcasts for Women

It was a huge transition for me to leave a full-time job that I loved, to work from home and take care of our baby girl. I was excited (I had always hoped that we would be in a place where I could stay at home with my kiddos), but no one could have prepared me for that change.

One of the hardest adjustments was the lack of adult conversation. I was used to yelling over cubicle walls to my coworkers; now I called my husband (my mother…random aunts…really anyone who would answer) to hear another adult’s voice throughout my day.

Podcasts began to fill that void for me. They provided mental stimulation while I did mundane tasks like change diapers, nurse, and do laundry. It pointed my mind back to God after only having time to read childrens board books. It centered my heart on the Gospel when I wanted to fill it with loneliness, bitterness, or frustration.  

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#ThursdayThings — Books I Love

I am a resource junkie. I love finding good books, podcasts, tools, etc. and sharing them with everyone. A friend recently told me that she wished I would write down all the good things I love, so this series is my effort to share resources that have helped let the Word of Christ dwell in my everyday moments.

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The Dwelling Word

I started this blog in 2013 as Duct Tape Prayers. And while that moniker served me well for the past six years, just like I’d outgrown my college-sized pants, I had outgrown that narrow blogging topic. With more time to write as a work-from-home mom, I started taking notes of how God revealed the application of His Word in the everyday moments of my life (I literally write most of my blog articles on iPhone notes while holding a baby or a laundry basket or a frying pan in the other hand).

This blog is the overflow of letting the Word of Christ dwell in my everyday moments. As Paul wrote to the Colossians, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” (3:16)

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