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Advent: Celebrating Seasons of Waiting

For the past several years, our Christmas cards held exciting announcements. We got married. I graduated with my master’s degree. My husband was commissioned as an officer in the Army. We gave birth to our little girl. We moved. We got new jobs. Every Christmas we were able to celebrate reaching another life milestone.

Until this year. This year as I create my Christmas cards, it seems that so many big life changes are within reach, but not quite here. We’re still in the long home study process for our adoption. We miscarried. Professional goals have yet to be reached. We’re waiting.

I’m not at all saying that God hasn’t been faithful this year. We can look back from month to month and see answered prayers, but so many of his answers this year have been to wait. I don’t like to wait, but the Advent season is all about waiting. Advent reminds us of Israel’s expectant waiting as they longed for God’s promised Messiah. It stirs our longing for the second coming of our King. Advent is a celebration of waiting. Continue reading “Advent: Celebrating Seasons of Waiting”


#ThursdayThings – Advent Resources

It’s my favorite time of the year! I have always loved Christmas time, but in recent years, my joy during this season has grown as I learned to celebrate Advent. Not having grown up in a liturgical tradition, I had no clue what Advent calendars or candles were or how the entire Christmas season could help me grow in my faith.

Advent simply means “coming.” In church tradition, the season of Advent begins four Sundays before Christmas and represents a time of expectant waiting and preparation for Christ’s birth. The past few years, I have spent these four weeks focused on what God teaches us through the birth of his Son into the world. I have learned how waiting is a part of every human’s story. I have meditated on the fact that God is with us in every season. I have gained hope remembering what was accomplished through Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. Advent is a time to remember Jesus’ coming to earth in the past, but also looking forward to his second coming in the future.

You can read more about my love of Advent in my blog post from last year, but this year, I wanted to leave you with a few of my favorite Advent resources.

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