#ThursdayThings – 5 Books that Impacted My Life

Do you have a book where you remember right where you were when you read it? You remember the moment that you read that line, letting it sink it. It changes your heart and your mind so that you’ll never be the same.

Other than the Bible, I have only a handful of books that meet this description. These aren’t necessarily my favorite books (I don’t think I could ever narrow down a top five favorite books), but these are books that God brought into my life at the exact moment I needed to hear their message. They are books that are seared into my memory and have transformed me.

The five books I’m going to list aren’t necessarily “must-reads” for you, but maybe you are in a similar place I was when I read them. Maybe you are in the same season and need to hear their message, too. Or maybe you have a friend that is going through what I did, and you can share these resources.

That’s one reason I started this series, #ThursdayThings, because I saw the value in finding worthy resources when our phones, bookshelves, and earbuds are constantly being flooded with information and entertainment. Here are a few books I believe are worth the read, and I pray, like me, will impact your life.

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Spiritual Growth

The Blessing of Missed Opportunities

The anxiety has been around long before the hashtag, but the trending #FOMO has brought to light a hidden worry—the fear of missing out.

It’s what keeps us glued to our phones, constantly refreshing feeds. It’s why we have devices strapped to our wrists that alert us as soon as new information is available. It’s why news syndicates thrive 24/7, keeping us full of the latest news and gossip.

But what happens when our fear turns into a reality? What happens when we actually miss out?

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A Prayer for Daily Grace

I’m a planner. I spent way too much money on my planner notebook, but I use it every day (maybe even every hour). One of my favorite ways to plan is to look at something in the future (for example, a party or a vacation) and to work my way backwards to create small tasks to make sure I have everything ready for that event. I assign certain days for grocery shopping, meal prepping, and decorating or certain days for making an itinerary or packing. I want to make sure that I’m prepared for when that event arrives, because one of my greatest fears is being unprepared.

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