Spiritual Growth

God’s Character Changes Motherhood

Each mother has felt that moment in her day (or maybe even multiple moments) when she comes to the end of her rope. My rope frequently ends around 5:30pm, when I’m glancing at my watch wondering when my husband will be off work, trying to keep our dinner from burning on the stove, and placating a toddler whose life is over because she can’t have more cheese. In moments like those, I know that I do not have enough patience for my toddler, love for my husband, and endurance in managing our home to make it another hour. In a world that constantly tells me, “I am enough,” those moments prove to me that sentiment is a lie. Before motherhood I might have been able to deny my weaknesses, but being a mom puts my limitations on display every day.

Yet for those who follow Christ, this realization of our insufficiency is by no means a discouragement. One of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 12:9, “But [the Lord] said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” We know that God has created us as humans with good limits in order for us to rely on his limitlessness. When we come to the end of our rope, God’s is unending. While mothers are often jokingly seen as superheroes without limits, we must remember the good limits in our motherhood that point us to who God is. The character of God has changed how I see my motherhood.

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Spiritual Growth

6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Years of Marriage.

Tomorrow, my husband and I will celebrate six years of marriage. This day six years ago, I was busy hanging tulle from the ceiling, putting ornaments on the largest tree I’ve ever seen, spreading sparkly snowflakes literally everywhere, and other crazy ideas my bride-mind had created. At the time, the wedding seemed like such a huge part of marriage—everything must be perfect to start our marriage off right. While I did love our wedding day, I realize now it was just a very small part of our marriage journey.

I am in no way a seasoned marriage expert, but, as of tomorrow, I will have six years of experience, and I want to share a few encouragements of how God has grown me in my love both for Him and for my husband these past six years.

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Spiritual Growth

Lessons from Spilt Milk

I love freshly swept and mopped floors. The rest of my house could be in shambles, but if my floors were free from snack crumbs, foot smudges, and cat hair, I feel like I’m living in luxury.

Why clean floors have this effect on me, I don’t know, but my response to when they are sullied reveals a selfishness in my heart. Because life with a toddler means clean floors don’t stay that way for long.

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#ThursdayThings — Podcasts for Women

It was a huge transition for me to leave a full-time job that I loved, to work from home and take care of our baby girl. I was excited (I had always hoped that we would be in a place where I could stay at home with my kiddos), but no one could have prepared me for that change.

One of the hardest adjustments was the lack of adult conversation. I was used to yelling over cubicle walls to my coworkers; now I called my husband (my mother…random aunts…really anyone who would answer) to hear another adult’s voice throughout my day.

Podcasts began to fill that void for me. They provided mental stimulation while I did mundane tasks like change diapers, nurse, and do laundry. It pointed my mind back to God after only having time to read childrens board books. It centered my heart on the Gospel when I wanted to fill it with loneliness, bitterness, or frustration.  

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Prayer of Progress

I follow social media accounts for several fitness brands and bloggers (as if by merely following them, some of their fitness might rub off on me). A regular part of their mix of posts is the classic before-and-after photo. One white line separates a “sad,” overweight person on the left from a “happy,” slim person on the right. They boast of how you can get these same results if you choose their program or follow their method.

What makes these progress photos so popular? They show that change is possible. They motivate us. They remind us how far we’ve come, how far we can go.

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A Prayer for Daily Grace

I’m a planner. I spent way too much money on my planner notebook, but I use it every day (maybe even every hour). One of my favorite ways to plan is to look at something in the future (for example, a party or a vacation) and to work my way backwards to create small tasks to make sure I have everything ready for that event. I assign certain days for grocery shopping, meal prepping, and decorating or certain days for making an itinerary or packing. I want to make sure that I’m prepared for when that event arrives, because one of my greatest fears is being unprepared.

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