Spiritual Growth

Fight the Feeling

Recently I was talking with a small group of women at my church, and one woman confessed some doubts she was having about her salvation. It’s a stressful time in her life, and she was struggling to believe that she was really saved. As she shared, I began to recognize lies from the Enemy that she was believing:

“I’m messing up too much, so how can I truly be saved.”

“I’ve lost the fervor that I had as a younger believer, so does that mean my conversion wasn’t real?”

“I don’t feel joyful or hopeful, so do I really have faith in Christ?”

I began to feel a holy fury rising up within me to fight for my dear sister against these lies, because I too once believed them. Shortly after getting married, in a time of great transition in a new town, working a new job, with a new husband, I began to question my salvation because I didn’t feel saved. I was wrecked by guilt, embarrassed to confess my faith struggles before my newlywed husband. I couldn’t even bring myself to come to God, fearing that he too would condemn me. Satan had me putting the emphasis on myself and my feelings, instead of God’s truth and faith in Christ.

What did my friend and I have in common? We followed our feelings instead of faith in God.

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A Prayer for Your Heart

I reach once again for the letters in the bottom drawers of my nightstand. It’s been three weeks since my husband left for army training, and, with a week left, it hasn’t gotten any easier. He is without any sort of modern communication – phone calls, text messages, e-mails; my only connection to him is the letters we write back and forth. Though merely words on paper, they make me feel close to him, like he is sitting and talking next to me. Continue reading “A Prayer for Your Heart”