Spiritual Growth

A Month without Podcasts

There’s never a quiet moment in my house. I wash dishes while listening to my daughter sing her memory verses. I grade assignments while Daniel Tiger plays in the background. I write this to the soundtrack of my son’s white noise machine broadcasting through the baby monitor. Even when there’s a quiet moment, I often fill it with another podcast or a phone call or the new Taylor Swift album. There is little time for silence in my life.

It’s hard to hear with all the noise. The roaring oven vent dispelling smoke from burning chicken overpowers my daughter’s cries for help on the potty. My headphones tune out my son’s cooing in his crib during a Zoom call. The voice of the Holy Spirit is overwhelmed by the constant stream of voices coming from my phone’s speaker.  

I love podcasts. It’s one of the first apps I open every morning—queuing up my shows for that day. There’s one recapping the news, one expounding on theology, and another sharing encouragement for mothers. My ears are itching to hear what wisdom they have to give me that day.

These voices have strengthened my faith over the years. They filled up lonely spaces during postpartum and pandemic months. They have connected me with other people who have different perspectives than mine. They have taught me things about God and his Word. But as with chocolate and social media, you can have too much of a good thing.

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#ThursdayThings — Podcasts I listen to every week

Folding laundry. Driving down the road. Cooking dinner. You better believe I have a podcast playing.

I follow a lot of podcasts, and sometimes I don’t even have time to listen to them all as they release each week. In fact, while most podcasts are on a summer break, I’ve been catching up on missed episodes from my less frequented shows.

But here are three podcasts I never miss. They hit the top of my queue when they release, and there is one literally waiting for me to press play as soon as I wrap up this blog post. Here they are: the podcasts I listen to every week.

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#ThursdayThings — Podcasts for Women

It was a huge transition for me to leave a full-time job that I loved, to work from home and take care of our baby girl. I was excited (I had always hoped that we would be in a place where I could stay at home with my kiddos), but no one could have prepared me for that change.

One of the hardest adjustments was the lack of adult conversation. I was used to yelling over cubicle walls to my coworkers; now I called my husband (my mother…random aunts…really anyone who would answer) to hear another adult’s voice throughout my day.

Podcasts began to fill that void for me. They provided mental stimulation while I did mundane tasks like change diapers, nurse, and do laundry. It pointed my mind back to God after only having time to read childrens board books. It centered my heart on the Gospel when I wanted to fill it with loneliness, bitterness, or frustration.  

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