Spiritual Growth

Bringing God Downstairs

When we first moved into our new home two years ago, one of my favorite rooms was the office upstairs. As the only room on the second floor with a door that closed off the stairwell, it seemed like a perfect place to get away when I had to work from home.

The office fits my husband’s and my desks along with overfull bookcases, but the corner dearest to me holds a comfy chair and a side table filled with notebooks, Sharpie pens, and my worn Bible. As I set up this sacred section of my home, I knew that this was where I would have my quiet time. It helped me feel settled into our new house to know that I would meet with God in this perfectly arranged nook.

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Friday Friends

#FridayFriends — I’ve Wasted 30 Years of My Life

Today’s blog post was written by my dear friend Tara McAdam. Tara is a wife, mother of two, teacher, and photographer. All of our family photos have been taken by Tara, so check out her photography on her Facebook page and website. I have been so encouraged by her friendship the last six years, and I pray her testimony of the power of God’s word would encourage you today.

I have wasted thirty years of my life not knowing who God is. I became a believer of Jesus Christ at twelve years old and rededicated my life at age twenty. From twenty years old to thirty years old, I tried countless methods of trying to know who God is. I would listen to solid Christian podcasts, read best-selling Christian books, listen to recorded sermons, soak up teachings from my pastor, and be super involved in the latest bible study. All of those things are good things, but none of those things could be my first source of knowing who God is.

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#ThursdayThings — Books I Love

I am a resource junkie. I love finding good books, podcasts, tools, etc. and sharing them with everyone. A friend recently told me that she wished I would write down all the good things I love, so this series is my effort to share resources that have helped let the Word of Christ dwell in my everyday moments.

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