Spiritual Growth

Not Just Another Day

I wake up before my toddler, waddle my pregnant body to the kitchen, and begin prepping my morning luxury—a hot cup of French press coffee. I’ve lost count of how many weeks we’ve been quarantined because of the coronavirus pandemic, and if you ask me, I’d have to think hard to remember what day of the week it is.

It’s Sunday, I remind myself. The only difference between today and tomorrow is that I’ll have to keep my daughter occupied as I attempt to watch the virtual church service this morning. I already have a strategy of snacks and games to keep her occupied, but I know that we’ll have at least one meltdown in the middle of the sermon.

Other than that hour balancing my own spiritual health and my daughter’s needs, it’s like any other day of the week. During the pandemic, my husband has been working from home in our upstairs office, and as an officer in the Army Reserves, he sometimes has to work weekends. But, really, there is no weekend anymore; COVID-19 has leveled out our schedule into daily uniformity.

What is even the point of Sunday right now? I think to myself as I savor my coffee and watch my daughter squirm in her bed on the baby monitor. Only weeks into this “unprecedented time,” I already feel the daily drudgery overwhelming me. I do the same work I’ve been doing the last six days; how is this supposed to be my Sabbath rest?

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Spiritual Growth

The Idol of Sleep

I pulled only one all-nighter in all my college years, the first semester of my freshman year. This wasn’t because I was the best student and never procrastinated, but because I loved sleep. I wasn’t going to stay up late if I didn’t have to, and I guarded those precious eight hours of rest.

When motherhood came, eight hours of uninterrupted sleep seemed like a distant dream. But as my daughter has gotten older and sleep routines have returned to a new normal, I have found that what once was a healthy practice of rest is now an idol in my heart.

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