#ThursdayThings — Books I Love

I am a resource junkie. I love finding good books, podcasts, tools, etc. and sharing them with everyone. A friend recently told me that she wished I would write down all the good things I love, so this series is my effort to share resources that have helped let the Word of Christ dwell in my everyday moments.

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Prayer of Progress

I follow social media accounts for several fitness brands and bloggers (as if by merely following them, some of their fitness might rub off on me). A regular part of their mix of posts is the classic before-and-after photo. One white line separates a “sad,” overweight person on the left from a “happy,” slim person on the right. They boast of how you can get these same results if you choose their program or follow their method.

What makes these progress photos so popular? They show that change is possible. They motivate us. They remind us how far we’ve come, how far we can go.

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Intentional Intercession: How to say you’ll pray for someone and mean it

“I’ll be praying for you.” Christians often utter those words with good intentions. They don’t intend to lie; they do want to pray for their friend who just confessed their need accountability or strength for a mission trip or healing from physical ailments. However, those prayer requests often get pushed out of minds in the busyness of everyday life or, if they were even written down, lost on corners of bulletins and offering envelopes. Continue reading “Intentional Intercession: How to say you’ll pray for someone and mean it”