Top 3 Posts from the Past Year

This is my birthday week, and birthdays are a big deal in my family. It’s a month-long celebration filled with special meals out, lots of desserts, and everyone calling you to sing happy birthday.

Last October was also when I got back into the swing of blogging. I had written on-and-off for five years but working from home had given me more margin in my schedule to write for pleasure. It also was a way for me to exercise some creative muscles I wasn’t using in my freelance and teaching positions. While I was writing for myself, I shared my posts on social media and was amazing when people actually read what I wrote! Every time one of you messaged or commented saying how you were encouraged from my post, it reminded me why God gave us the ability to create in the first place—to give him glory!

In case you’ve just started following my blog, here’s a recap of the three most-read posts since my last birthday. I can’t wait to see how God uses this platform in the next year!

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Spiritual Growth

3 Things I’ve learned in a Year of Transition

Today is the one-year anniversary of moving into our home in Birmingham. Now, that doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, but this past year has been a huge transition. In July 2018, within a two-week span, 1) we moved into our first home (in a new city!), 2) I quit my full-time job to stay home with our daughter, 3) my husband graduated from his graduate program, and 4) and my husband started his first full-time job. Add a four-month old to the mix for a bit more craziness!

You might think from that story that I love change—you would be wrong. I struggle with change. I have always had a hard time moving on from one season of life to another. My false hope that I can control a situation is completely shattered in times of transition. However, it is when any semblance of self-sufficiency is gone that God has taught me the most. Going off to college, getting married, starting my first job after graduate school—every time I “lost” the control I never really had, God revealed something about myself and about him.

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